Data Engineer

We are looking for a Data Engineer to build our solution and unlock the value of personal data 🚀

You will be part of a small team responsible for the complete development of our personal data enabling platform. As the main area of focus, you will work on multiple data aspects: data modelling, data pipeline and ETL, semantic data enrichments and artificial intelligence, graph database deployment and hardening. Building, deploying and integrating data management within the platform will be part of your daily activities. You must be a strong team player with a real open mind.

Datavillage Team

Responsibilities 🏅

  • Work with the team to design software solutions and define the design/architecture
  • Translate ideas, concepts into code
  • Install and configure databases
  • Test the software and write automated tests
  • Deploy software, manage the Devops pipeline and configure the infrastructure
  • Debug and fix software
  • Write technical documentation

Skills 🤹

  • Proven experience as a Data Engineer
  • Python (mandatory)
  • Neo4j (appreciated)
  • Docker (mandatory)
  • Familiar with linked data, knowledge graph, RDF, Json-LD
  • Familiar with AI, NLP
  • Self-organized
  • Great attention to detail, operability and production
  • Good level of English (native Dutch or French is a plus)

Profile 🤓

Minimum 3 years of experience

Benefits 🤑

Possibility to grow in a very dynamic environment and work alongside top-notch experts (and cutting edge technologies) in the fields of software development, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence but also with research centers and universities from all across Belgium (CETIC, imec, …). We offer a very competitive package even if we are an early stage startup, we have raised seed money that secures an 18 months run until our Series A (stock options plan to come by the Series A), this money will be used to create a qualitative team!

About the company 🧬

Datavillage is an early stage startup based in Belgium (but with a global mindset), with the mission of unlocking the value of personal data for both organisations and individuals through people self-sovereign digital twins made of all the personal data they produce on a daily basis. Our vision is a fair and sustainable data economy benefiting everyone and helping solving societal challenges. To enable this shift of paradigm, we have created the so-called Digital Twins for people, that allow them to create and share information about themselves to any kind of organisation fuelling hyper-personalised experiences, artificial intelligence, research or innovation.

Work environment 👨‍💻👩‍💻

A startup environment, with a mix of home working and offices in different co-working across Belgium in Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels (at your best convenience). We are a mixed team of both techies and business people, with a common passion for innovation and doing things that matter! (this position is opened also to foreigners!)

Mindset 🤯

We are doers, thirsty for knowledge who love to play and experiment (challenges and hackathons are things we love to do). We are techies who understand business needs and give special care to end-users’ experience. Our company’s culture is made of flexibility (everyone is different, we do not all perform best at the same moment of the day and have the same reality), autonomy (although we exchange a lot) and openness (you word counts!).

Values 🤗

Our companies’ values are reflected in our product and in the way we do business: transparency, end-user centricity, respect of privacy and collaboration. As individuals and company’s early founders we value openness, flexibility, life balance and curiosity… does it match with you?