Data straight from the source

Introducing the digital twin

We give consumers control over their own data through the digital twin concept - a collection of behavioural information that grows organically as a consumer generates more raw data.

The digital twin lets consumers decide what information they share and with whom via simple consent forms, ensuring ethical and accurate data management.

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A secure and confidential process

From raw data to actionable information

The next step is turning raw data from the digital twin into useful information, which is done with the consumer’s consent through an encrypted process.

Whenever you request specific information about a consumer, we combine your algorithm with their relevant data to generate clear and actionable answers. This method protects personal privacy while saving you the hassle of processing large amounts of raw data yourself.

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The end result

Instant and ethical data solution

We take care of gathering, storing and processing everything in order to offer our clients an instant and ethical solution to their data needs.

Our data management model is also decentralised, offering a connected and constantly evolving collection of curated consumer data to ensure a standard of excellence both now and in the future.

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Datavillage in a nutshell

We strive to create the most efficient and innovative solution to consumer data management, so you can focus on creating better customer experiences.

  • Enhanced UX

    Through accessing a wider range of data created by your consumers on other platforms, you are able to offer them tailored solutions matching who they really are for better recommendations or eligibility checks.

  • Ethical data access

    Make good use of the data of your customers while always preserving their fundamental rights of confidentiality without having to anonymise their data with our privacy-first solution.

  • Trust reinforcement

    Keep and reinforce the trust people have in your brand by allowing them to get control back over their data and use it in a safe way thanks to you.

  • Open Collaboration

    Build new products with partners through pooling and using the data on the customers side so you can enable open collaboration while making sure your data does not escape in other organisations’ systems.

  • Cost saving

    Save yourself the hassle of managing the data of your customers in your systems, keep it on your customers side and just use it to create actionable information about your customers.

  • Efficient integration

    Thanks to our lightweight API based and decentralised approach our platform leaves close to 0 footprint in your IT systems.

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